Confident Self-Awareness

‘Consulting’ used to mean something distinct: an expert with experience would apply his or her wisdom to solving a problem as a trusted advisor and partner. These days, it seems like many so-called ‘consulting’ companies have a completely different definition for what they do. That is, anything for a buck. We’ve all had that experience, and we didn’t care for it. Some of the ‘partner’ firms that we worked with before we launched BlackLake Security didn’t have areas of expertise; only an insatiable appetite for revenue. Whatever you asked for, they’d promise to deliver it … and would then scramble to subcontract someone, somewhere to actually deliver on their empty promise.

At BlackLake, we know who we are, what we stand for, and what we can (and cannot!) provide. We chose products, components, service partners, and architectures based on a complete solution that’s optimal for the problem that we’ve been engaged to solve. We know that resellers are like vending machines; you choose them based on price first, and convenience second. That’s not the market space that we operate in. Instead, we’re a strategic partner. We help you address crucial business needs first, last, and always. That’s why we’re confident that you’ll choose BlackLake when the stakes truly matter and why you’ll prefer to engage us time and again.

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