A refreshing absence of wolves

When you contact most security companies, their salespeople and account managers fall all over themselves in a desperate attempt to score a new sale. From the moment that you click ‘submit’ on their web form, you find that you’re being stalked by a pack of commission-starved wolves. Your new “friends” are all over you … until your check clears. After that, not a single wolf can be found when you need one.

That’s not our way. At BlackLake Security, we know how infuriating it is to be hounded by people who follow an old-style sales methodology rather than be helped by real engineers. That’s why we never send old-school salespeople after our clients. When you start a new discussion with BlackLake, the person that replies to you is a problem solver. They’re not motivated by commissions – they’re motivated solely by understanding and addressing your needs. That means standing by you and your company until the job is completely done, and you’re completely satisfied.

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