Transparency you can trust

Some security companies approach service delivery the way that great chefs approach an entrée: they toil away in secret until the final product is ready for presentation. That’s not our way. At BlackLake, we believe in complete transparency. We approach service delivery the same way that our Texan grandparents approached cooking in the old days: right out in the open. We know that you’re more confident that things were done right when you can see the cook preparing the meal from start to finish.

If you ask us to do something that’s outside our range, we’ll tell you that up-front. If we need a partner in order to deliver what you need, we’ll go get the right one. Or two. Or however many it takes to do the job right. What we won’t ever do is lie to you about what we can and can’t do. We believe that clarity requires trust and credibility. That transparency makes for a foundation that’s solid enough to support your business over the long run. We call it “clarity revealed.” Most people just call it “trustworthy.”

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