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Even though BlackLake Security isn’t tied inextricably to specific product offerings doesn’t mean that we can’t get you what you need as a highly competitive price. At BLS, we believe that a Clarity-Added Reseller focuses on combining service with total transparency. Whether we design a solution for you or you ask us to deliver a specific component, we’ll show you exactly what each component truly costs so that you can make a competitive strategic procurement decision.

Moreover, BLS is not a classic, old-school reseller. If we can’t provide you the price or level of service that you require, then we’ll respectfully decline to engage and help you find a partner who’s better suited for you. We believe that our approach makes us the best possible security partner on the market and we intend to prove that on every project. If we say that we’ll deliver, you can be darned sure that we deliver exactly what we promised.

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