Security Consulting

Ask ten cyber security companies what they offer for “security consulting,” and nine of them will blather on about network devices until you die of boredom. At BlackLake Security, we represent the tenth contender: we know that consulting covers a lot more than just Commercial-Off-The-Shelf hardware and software. Consulting is about solving.

Let's Get Started
  • Penetration Testing

    Hackers don’t restrict themselves to network exploits – they walk brazenly in through the front door. When BlackLake Security probes you, we cover every approach just like a real attacker. We’ll focus on your company’s “crown jewels” and provide details of approach and results.

  • Advisory Services

    BlackLake Security can help from the C-suite to the Command Line. Our seasoned experts can augment your team to deliver targeted, measurable results across the complete spectrum of security roles, functions, and responsibilities.

  • Special Projects

    Sometimes, the most cost-effective way to solve a problem is to get someone else to solve it for you. That’s fine. BlackLake Security can guarantee you your desired results while freeing up your staff for more important endeavors.