Founded in the Silicon Hills of Austin, Texas

BlackLake Security is based out of Austin, Texas … but we have global reach. We’re a full-range cyber security services company with a stable of engineers, architects, integrators, troubleshooters, project managers, and trainers that can tackle whatever seems to be ailing you. More important, all BlackLake team members are fervent believers in our mission statement: we’re not just the industry’s first Clarity™ Added Partner we’re also committed to becoming your partner of choice. Our goal is to clear away the confusion surrounding cyber security in order to illuminate your way. When you hire BlackLake, you gain the confidence that can only come from a trusted partner that’s more interested in your success than in signing the next contract.

The BlackLake Differentiator

When we say that we value Clarity™, we mean it. When our founders came up with BlackLake Security, it wasn’t about a place or a name – it was about a concept. Too many big systems integrators and security firms were banging the proverbial drum about how terrifying the IT world was. They sold their products and services based on the threat of amorphous scary monsters that were always lurking right below the surface. If only you’d just buy this expensive thing (they said) then you’ll be safe. The constant exaggeration and obfuscation surrounding threats and vulnerabilities was making our clients skittish, anxious, confused, paranoid, and (most important of all) resentful. What may have started from a desire to sell companies the gear and support that they needed turned into an ever-escalating horror movie trailer approach. As the rhetoric ramped up, the signal-to-noise ratio got increasingly worse. As one of our founders quipped: “Running a business these days has become like launching a fishing boat into the middle of big black lake. You lose sight of where you came from, you can’t see where you’re going, and you can’t tell where the threats are. All the while, the security industry is sitting on the shore, making scary noises and running a giant fog machine full blast in the hopes that you’ll pay them to relieve the anxiety that they themselves are causing! It’s ridiculous!” That’s why BlackLake was created to be the industry’s first-ever Clarity™ Added Partner … We’re here to blow away the annoying fog of sales jargon and technical babble, and then light your path forward so that you can run your business with confidence. Our goal isn’t just to sell you a box or bill some hours; we want to brighten your spirits while we illuminate your way. We’re BlackLake. We’ve heard your call for Clarity™, and we’re here to help you get on with things.

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