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BlackLake Security isn’t your ordinary “solution provider” or “box slinger.” The BlackLake differentiators are wisdom, transparency, and insight. We focus intently on you: your culture, your issues, and your desired outcomes. We deliver a comprehensive remedy for your unique circumstances. That’s why our services categories are starting points for discussion, not rigid lines of business.

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Private? Public? Hybrid? Cumulonimbus? It seems that every possible “cloud” offering introduces a hundred new security headaches, and no one solution addresses all of the nightmare scenarios inherent in the technology. That’s where BlackLake Security can clear away the fog and the marketing hype. Let us help you find your way.

  • Cloud Technology Solutions. BlackLake Security offers fully bespoke consulting and support for all sorts of cloud environments, from proof-of-concept to critical production. We also help you determine where solutions won’t work due to intrinsic engineering and operational flaws.
  • Cloud Monitoring Solutions. You can’t stop an attack if you don’t know that it’s underway. That’s why BlackLake Security brings best-of-breed security tools and services to bear to help secure your cloud environment. We can show you how tools both inside and outside of the cloud combine.
  • Security-as-a-Service Solutions. Sometimes, it just isn’t worth the money or the time to do it yourself. BlackLake Security offers a range of competitive cloud security managed service plans that can help keep your critical systems secure while sparing you the expense of Top Tier in-house talent.


BlackLake Security’s commitment to transparency and our Preemptive Disclosure™ service sets us apart. We don’t just turn over a working solution at the end of a job – we make sure that members of your staff are part of the operation all the way through, from launch to landing, so that you’re always confident that you’re getting exactly what you paid for.

  • Systems Integration. BlackLake Security offers traditional security solution design, implementation, support, and troubleshooting. We can purchase, install, configure, and operationalize security equipment ranging from classic firewalls to stealthy honeypots.
  • Systems Support. Even if we didn’t build it, BlackLake Security can still support it. Whether you need augmentation for an overworked IT staff or an expert in an obscure technical discipline to keep a critical system running, BlackLake Security can get it sorted.
  • Systems Hardening. Most technology solutions are great at what they were designed to do … they’re also dangerous when implemented straight out of the package. BlackLake Security knows the intricacies of how to “harden” a solution to neutralize its inherent flaws.


Enterprise cyber security isn’t the exclusive domain of expensive appliances that lurk in the far corners of the data center; security is a continuous process that touches on all aspects of the business. BlackLake Security secures the equipment and information on the periphery. We’ll help you deploy logical, practical measures for mitigating that risk where it counts the most: wherever your users are.

  • Human Systems Hardening. BlackLake Security will show you your employees, suppliers, and customers how they put your critical company information at risk, endangering their own data as well as the services that you provide them. We clear up misconceptions and purge bad practices.
  • Mobile Device Hardening. Can’t imagine living without your smart phone? Most people can’t. They store astounding amounts of crucial information on their phones and tablets that can compromise your company. Let BlackLake Security show you how to lock those devices down.
  • Device Abstraction Solutions. Mobile end-point devices can be points-of-infection; letting insecure devices connect to your production environment can be disastrous. Let BlackLake Security show you how to VDI and other remote access solutions can neutralize the risks.


Network security used to consist solely of a big firewall positioned between you and the rest of the world. That doesn’t cut it anymore, and BlackLake Security will confidently show you why. We’ll walk you through your attack surface, and help you deploy measures to protect your systems and your people.

  • Secure Network Design. BlackLake Security consultants can show you how (or help you) to optimize your production data networks, whether that entails adding the best components, overhauling existing parts, or changing how data moves. Let us help locks things down.
  • Network Hardening. BlackLake Security’s network security solutions cover the spectrum of electronic data movement, including traditional wired data and voice networks, military-grade wireless equipment, and broadcast networks. Let BlackLake Security secure your infrastructure.
  • Human Network Hardening. More data is lost in wetware than is ever lost in hard- and software. Let BlackLake Security show you how to secure and harden transmission networks like social media, public relations, and operations security.


Network security is often conducted like “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde;” companies experiment with new technologies on their production data networks, only to be rent asunder by a monstrous side-effect. Spare your company the unnecessary drama and test your new tech in BlackLake Security’s secure lab environment. Technology Integration Testing. BlackLake Security network engineers can help you simulate your production data network, allowing your project managers and engineers to test just how disruptive it might be to add a new device – without causing harm to your actual environment. Proof of Concept Testing. Curious about a new device, but don’t want to commit to deploying it? Skip the shady sales demos and try the object of your interest in BlackLake Security’s secure labs. We’ll let you take the helm and pilot the new device where a crash can’t hurt anything. Vulnerability Testing. For decades, the military understood that you can’t declare a component safe until you test it in a contained environment. BlackLake Security offers corporate customers the same capability, with our fully self-contained device testing lab.


Ask ten cyber security companies what they offer for “security consulting,” and nine of them will blather on about network devices until you die of boredom. At BlackLake Security, we represent the tenth contender: we know that consulting covers a lot more than just Commercial-Off-The-Shelf hardware and software. Consulting is about solving.

  • Penetration Testing. Hackers don’t restrict themselves to network exploits – they walk brazenly in through the front door. When BlackLake Security probes you, we cover every approach just like a real attacker. We’ll focus on your company’s “crown jewels” and provide details of approach and results.
  • Advisory Services. BlackLake Security can help from the C-suite to the Command Line. Our seasoned experts can augment your team to deliver targeted, measurable results across the complete spectrum of security roles, functions, and responsibilities.
  • Special Projects. Sometimes, the most cost-effective way to solve a problem is to get someone else to solve it for you. That’s fine. BlackLake Security can guarantee you your desired results while freeing up your staff for more important endeavors.


From implementing an industry-standard governance model to sorting out the impact of new regulations, BlackLake Security is your trusted partner when it comes to tackling the massive operational oversight headaches that threaten to take you away from running your operation. Let BlackLake serve as your trusted executive staff, whether for a short-term initiative or a long-term relationship. See why Clarity Revealed™ is the ultimate strategic advantage in an ever-shifting threat landscape.

  • Governance and Oversight. Retrofitting an industry-standard IT governance model over your existing IT organization can be a monumental challenge. Fortunately, BlackLake Security has the expertise and wisdom to help you transition to a new governance model in practical stages, customfitted to your unique structural, functional, and operational circumstances.
  • Regulatory Compliance. Adapting to new regulations is never easy, especially when new draft requirements haven’t been fully challenged in real-world conditions. BlackLake Security’s Regulatory Affairs specialists can help you parse new doctrine, build your evidence library, and guide your staff through the arduous process of planning and implementing required process changes.
  • Metrics-Driven Oversight. Academic models all assume that an IT organization at the highest levels of maturity will be one driven by metrics (rather than by operational emergencies). Sounds great … in the abstract. BlackLake Security can help you design, build, deliver, and tune your metrics to provide actionable intelligence, while eliminating counter-productive legacy reporting protocols.


Organizations that aren’t yet large enough to justify a full-time CSO can still reap the benefits of having a CSO through BlackLake Security’s Virtual CSO service. We’ll provide you a seasoned industry executive ondemand to advise on cyber defense strategy, architecture, and operations when and where you need the expertise – without having to stand up a full-time corner office.

  • Strategic Security Planning. As the NIST governance model grows in popularity, organizations are struggling to craft the required comprehensive Strategic Plan. Leverage BlackLake Security’s insight into long-range integrated planning do the heavy lifting for you, since we’re well-versed in evolving security groups from reactionary to long-range functions.
  • Executive Advocacy. The primary function of a CSO is to serve as the counterweight to the CIO (or CTO, depending on your size). The dynamic tension between the two offices helps CEOs and Boards make informed, wise decisions about where to balance operational needs with security controls. Let BlackLake Security’s senior leaders advocate for your strategic needs and direction.
  • Talent Acquisition and Growth. Hiring the “best of the best” is a chicken-and-egg problem; you already have to have excellence on-staff in order to identify, hire, and grow excellence. Rather than improve incrementally, let BlackLake Security accelerate your growth by locating, screening, recommending, and improving your most critical resources – your senior team members.


When you’re drowning in network alerts, an improperly-implemented hardware solution isn’t a lifeline for a drowning SOC – it’s more like a very expensive anvil. Configuring, optimizing, and managing an enterprise security technology solution requires patience, experience, and focus, all of which are often in short supply. Let BlackLake Security remove the drama from your security technology by acting as your trusted managed services partner. We’ll help you to separate the crucial signal from the overwhelming noise so that you can focus on running your operation.

  • Security Technology Optimization. No matter how great a technical solution is out of the box, you never get your money’s worth out of it until you optimize it for your unique environment. Let BlackLake Security help you tweak, tune, and tighten your monitoring, alerting, and endpoint protection solutions to get the absolute best performance out of your new and existing equipment. Security Appliance Tuning and Correlation.
  • Security Appliance Tuning and Correlation. Most deployments fail because a consolidating data isn’t the same thing as understanding data. To get the most out of your network monitoring and alerting solution, leverage BlackLake Security’s experts to build the filtering, correlation, and alerting rules so that your devices bring the right data to your attention while clearing the detritus out of the common operational picture.
  • Fully-Managed Services. Sometimes, the flood of alert, log, and event data can be overwhelming. Multiple dedicated techs are needed just to figure out what other techs need to investigate. That’s normal. That’s also a chore that BlackLake Security can take on for you. BlackLake’s Fully-Managed Services let your security engineers focus on vulnerability remediation and incident response, so that you get the most value from your most high-demand specialists.