Managed Services

BlackLake Security offers continuous vulnerability management, secure mobile deployment solutions, and expertise in separating signal from noise so you can focus on running your operation.

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Managed Services

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

We continuously benchmark our customers and their respective security practices. We apply best practices in network protection to all of our customers with consideration to their industry, the threat actors interested in their business, and many other factors. Our MDR customers have immediate access to our metrics-based Maturity Model to benchmark their security maturity and to provide a roadmap for improvement.

  • MDR Solutions
  • Threat Monitoring
  • Management Burden
  • Find Hidden Threats

Endpoint Detection & Response

Cyber attacks have become increasingly complex and endpoint management has evolved to affect how organizations do business by improving productivity and enhancing customer experiences. Mobile security is a vital component of any security strategy and device management and policies such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are critical. Malicious attacks are stealthy – more than 70% of security breaches begin at an endpoint. With thousands of mobile devices accessing today’s enterprises, vulnerabilities can hide anywhere.

  • Professional Services
  • Find Threats Faster
  • Response Management
  • Combat Threats

Vulnerability Management

We provide the people, process and technologies to fully or partially administer vulnerability management programs that fit your unique needs and requirements.

  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Cloud Pen Testing
  • Application Management
  • Vulnerability Management

Managed Cloud

BlackLake Security provides customized consulting and support for various cloud environments, ranging from proof-of-concept to critical production stages. Our expertise includes identifying inherent engineering and operational flaws in solutions. We understand the importance of being aware of ongoing attacks to effectively counter them. Therefore, we leverage top-notch security tools and services to safeguard your cloud environment. We can demonstrate the synergy between tools within and outside the cloud.

  • Best-Fit Solutions
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Expert Cloud Services
  • Migrations and Security

Managed Perimeter

In today’s interconnected world, the increased number of devices on your network exposes your organization to greater risks of social engineering. Your perimeter serves as a crucial barrier between you and cybercriminals, making its protection a necessity for your organization. To achieve this effectively, it is essential to have proper monitoring and threat detection in place, enabling prompt response to attacks. We will guide you through assessing your attack surface and assist in implementing measures to safeguard your systems and personnel.

  • High Availability
  • Solution Advisement
  • Vulnerability Review
  • Security Training