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Cloud Infrastructure Security

At BlackLake Security, we specialize in removing the guesswork and ensuring the utmost security and reliability of your cloud environment. Whether you operate on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform, our comprehensive cloud and infrastructure security services are designed to establish and maintain proper configurations, enhance visibility and control of your data in the cloud, and minimize the potential for cyber attacks. With our expertise and support, you can confidently optimize your cloud environment, knowing that it is fortified against threats and poised for seamless operation.

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Monitoring Solutions
  • Security-as-a-Service
  • Cloud Optimization

Email Security & Data Loss Protection

At BlackLake Security we can help you understand the differences and benefits of detecting data loss, as well as prevent the illicit transfer of data outside the organization and the unwanted destruction of sensitive or personally identifiable data (PII). We can help you with your DLP journey, from design & planning to maintenance & operations.

  • White Glove Approach
  • Expert Advice
  • Architecture Review
  • Services Offerings

Zero Trust Network Access

BlackLake Security offers comprehensive assistance in navigating the distinctions and advantages of Zero Trust solutions, providing expert guidance, leveraging our industry expertise, and showcasing our proven track record of successful implementations. Our services extend throughout your Zero Trust journey, encompassing the entire spectrum from initial design and meticulous planning to seamless maintenance and efficient operations.

  • Perimeter Security
  • Increased trust
  • Lower Cost to Manage
  • Better Security

Endpoint Security EDR/MDR/XDR

BlackLake Security offers assistance in navigating the various endpoint security options and can provide a managed solution to alleviate the burden on your IT resources. This allows your IT team to concentrate on your core business initiatives without distractions.

  • Essential Security Knowledge
  • Process and Technology
  • Training
  • Enterprise Review

Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management Services (IAM) provides a key solution for businesses to secure their individual network users and devices to a variety of cloud and on-premises applications. Building on a Strategy Roadmap, our approach is to unify IAM program strategy and infrastructure plan into an executable design.

  • Strategy Roadmap
  • IAM Solution Design
  • Build Configuration
  • Deployment Metrics

Enterprise Management & Monitoring

Regardless of whether your IT environment is on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-based, it is crucial to proactively monitor specific aspects such as network, infrastructure, and storage to attain a high level of resiliency known as the “nines.” The term “nines” refers to the uptime percentage that represents the level of availability. At BlackLake Security, we specialize in enterprise management and monitoring solutions that empower your IT infrastructure to achieve the desired level of availability represented by the nines.

  • Management Services
  • Capacity Management
  • Application Review