Consulting Services

At BlackLake Security, we recognize the importance of striking a balance between cybersecurity requirements, business needs, and emerging technologies. Through our consulting services, we assist clients in deploying security solutions while effectively addressing operational readiness to support functionality, compliance, and regulatory concerns.

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Consulting Services

Security Posture & Maturity Assessments

Gaining insight into the potential risks posed to your organization by assessing its current security posture and maturity will enable you to identify the most impactful strategies for enhancing overall security and reducing the risks faced. Given the dynamic nature of today’s business environment, the Cybersecurity practice at BlackLake Security can provide the necessary adaptability and dependability to support your organization’s growth while ensuring robust security measures.

  • Security Review
  • Benchmark
  • Discovery
  • Mitigation

Compliance & Regulatory

Adapting to new regulations is never easy, especially when new draft requirements haven’t been fully challenged in real-world conditions. BlackLake Security’s Regulatory Affairs specialists can help you parse new doctrine, build your evidence library, and guide your staff through the arduous process of planning and implementing required process changes.

  • Security Assessments
  • Compliance Strategy
  • Compliance Analysis
  • Future Preparation

Penetration Testing

Hackers don’t restrict themselves to network exploits – they walk brazenly in through the front door. When BlackLake Security probes you, we cover every approach just like a real attacker. We’ll focus on your company’s “crown jewels” and provide details of approach and results. Instead of a one-time assessment, we constantly verify your controls with an ongoing Penetration Test and verify your security after every significant change.

  • Penetration Testing
  • Advisory Services
  • Risk Management
  • Partnership Services

Integration & Implementation

Our security architecture teams provide expertise while taking the time to understand and leverage organizational culture, hierarchy, and internal customer dynamics. BlackLake Security removes the drama during this process by acting as your trusted services partner. We’ll help you to separate the crucial signal from the overwhelming noise so that you can focus on running your operations.

  • Implementation
  • Security Review
  • Integration Advisory
  • Goverance Management

Architect & Design

Our teams offer expert evaluation of your architecture, assets, applications, processes, and infrastructure to provide streamlined recommendations and security programs that align with your risk, compliance, and business goals. This includes technical expertise in code reviews, security controls, and design implementations that meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

  • Systems Integration
  • Systems Support
  • Systems Hardening
  • Security Technology Design